Main Entrance

Welcome to the main entrance of our school where our school office, the staff room and the Head Teacher’s office are.

Meeting Room

We have a special meeting room where adults hold meetings and sometimes children work with adults in here.


In our school hall lots of different activities go on. We have our lunch, do P.E., hold assemblies and parent’s workshops and at Christmas time we invite our families in to see our performances. Lots of other things go on in here too.


We have lots of different areas in our Nursery where we learn through play and we also learn in our outdoor area.


We have different learning areas in our Reception class too and we learn outside, even when it’s rainy!

Year 1

We have lots of fun learning in Year 1. We have a creative area where we paint and make models. We sometimes do experiments.

Year 2

We have lots of fun learning in Year 2. Sometimes our parents come in to share our learning.

Year 3

We learn lots of cool things in Year 3. We love to read in our reading area and we often have visitors in our class.

Year 4

We love to learn in Year 4 and we also like to learn in our outdoor area.

Stead Lane Primary Unit

During the 2012 summer holidays our school saw lots of changes. These corridors join our new building onto our main school so we are now a Primary School.

Year 5

Our Year 5 classroom is in the new building. Our older children have fun learning here.

Year 6

Our Year 6 classroom is also in the new building. The oldest children in our school learn here.

ICT Suite

We were very lucky to receive donations from Rio Tinto Alcan, GB Builders and Councillor Val Tyler to equip our ICT Suite where all of our children can come and learn.

Changing Facilities

We also have changing/cloak rooms for boys and girls.

Our Nurture Room

Groups of children or 1 child and 1 adult work in our Nurture Room. 


Our Conservatory holds all of our library books so we can go there to read and also children learn there in groups or 1 to 1.


We have a great playground to play in with a hard surface sports pitch and a trim trail. We also have lots of outdoor learning areas like our sensory garden and woodland areas.

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