The progress of pupils at Stead Lane Primary School is monitored very closely by each class teacher and by the Senior Leadership Team and Governors throughout a child’s time in school.

We need to know how much children have learned and progressed from the start of a term to the end of a term, from the end of one year to the end of the next, since they started in a Key Stage and since they arrived with us. It’s not enough just to be happy that they’ve reached age related expectations for the end of each year. We measure the children’s knowledge, skills and understanding at various points and then compare where they are now with where they were when we first measured them. Teachers keep comprehensive records on children’s progress and the results of any assessments. This information informs planning and the annual written report to parents. Progress is not linear. A child will not necessarily make the same progress every year or indeed throughout the year. There may be periods when a child will make accelerated progress and huge jumps will be seen in what they can do. There may also be times when a child appears to make less progress. But at these times a child may be strengthening or consolidating what they can already do.



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