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Mrs Bowness


Here is to an excellent year ahead in year 5! We will continue to think about what it is to be a good learner and how we can improve upon this, we can all definitely improve … even Mrs Bowness, Mrs Harland and Mrs Sanderson! Place value kicks off our maths journey this year, whereby pupils will be able to explain confidently what place value is and use key terminology such as base 10 and place holders. We will then move onto tasks which show a greater understanding and allow us to explore, explain exactly what it is we are doing, what is happening with the numbers and why.

What makes a great society? Do we know the answer to this? How can we discover the answer? Do we all think the same?  All important questions for year 5 to explore and answer.

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Missing Uniform

  A Year 5 pupil has lost a school sweatshirt, shirt and tie. All of these items are named so can you please check your child’s belongings to make sure they have not taken them by mistake. If they are found please return them to school as soon as possible. Thank...

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