Welcome to Stead Lane Primary School where ‘pupils benefit from a curriculum that captures their interest; develop excellent citizenship skills and are keen to take on responsibilities. They are extremely proud of the school and describe it as the best there is.’ Ofsted 2018
As Headteacher of this vibrant school I feel proud and privileged to work in  partnership with the pupils and families of the Bedlington community.
I am fortunate to be supported by an outstanding staff who work tirelessly to provide the best education for all our pupils. We will endeavour to continue to take the school from strength to strength.
Reuben Anderson: Head Teacher
  • Attendance: Winners – Year 2 – Well Done! 97% 97%
  • Beat the Challenge: Winners – Reception, Year 5 & Year 6 – WOW! Well Done! 100% 100%


RED (Robson)

BLUE (Gaudi)

YELLOW (Curie)

GREEN (Dahl)


Working together for bright futures…


Beat the Challenge – week ending 20th July 2018

Class percentage for children who were on time for week ending 20th July 2018 Reception        99.67% Year 1              99% Year 2              97.86% Year 3              99.67% Year 4              100% WOW! Winners this week! Year 5              99.17% Year...


We hope you will join us in thanking our PTA for all of their support this year. They have held lots of fun events for yourselves and your children and from these events have raised a staggering £3300! From this money they have been able to contribute £1000 towards...

Pierced Ears

Earrings are not allowed to be worn in school. With this in mind, can we please remind parents that if you are planning on having your child’s ears pierced that the ideal time to do it is during the first weekend of the summer holidays. This gives the ears time to...

Daily Mile – Uniform Change

Next year we will be starting a new initiative with the children called the daily mile. There will be more information coming out next year about the daily mile. However, I would like to give as much advanced notice as I know parents will be buying clothing and school...

Attendance Awards

Some of our children have been in school every day this year, well done. They are: Full Attendance 2018        Kayla  Kilpatrick                  Owen Kilpatrick        Ryan Warner                         Niamh Wilson        Lucie Robinson                      Maisey...


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