Please ensure that permission slips and letters requiring responses are handed in promptly by the due date. Thank you.

Important Reminder regarding Driveway

Can we please ask parents/carers to remind children when entering school premises to be aware of vehicles using our driveway, especially when children are attending Breakfast Club, as they cross the road at the top of the path when staff and other driveway users are...

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Important Reminder for Parents/Carers

Can we please remind all parents/carers that if children have sickness and diarrhoea please do not return them to school until 48 hours after the last episode. Even if children are feeling better in themselves they may still carry the germs and in our school...

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SV5 Educational Visits Form

For all Educational Visits we now require parents to complete a SV5 form along with the usual consent form therefore every time your child is taking part in a school visit you will receive a copy. Please complete it in full and return it to school as soon as possible...

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Water Bottles in School

We encourage the children to come to school with a water bottle as drinking water throughout the day can help with concentration along with having other health benefits. We do not allow flavoured juice or water or fizzy drinks at all. Please send your child’s water in...

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