Welcome to Year 4


Miss Gray is our teacher.

This term our project question is ‘How can we learn about the past?’ We will be using our skills as historians to answer this question and to find out about life in the Stone Age. We will be reading Stone Age Boy and Wolf Brother as well as other texts. Our published work will be exhibited in a venue outside of school (more details to come). The big ideas we will be exploring are: community, sustainability, resilience and adversity.


In Year 4 homework will include:

  • A spelling rule to investigate. The rule will have been taught in our SPAG lesson on Monday and will be tested on Friday. Children will record their scores in their homework books.
  • A grammar or punctuation question to answer
  • Times tables practice

Homework will be given out on a Monday and is due in on a Friday. Merits will be awarded for super effort and great work.

Spelling: Spellings will be set as part of your child’s weekly homework.  Each week will focus on a specific spelling rule/pattern.

Autumn Term 1












words with ‘a’ sound spelt ei, eigh or ey

vein, neighbour, weigh, eight, they, obey, grey, reindeer, beige, veil


words with the ‘s’ sound spelt ‘sc’

science, scene, discipline, fascinate, crescent, fascination, scenery, ascend, decent, scissors


words ending with the ‘g’ sound spelt ‘gue’ and the ‘k’ sound spelt ‘que’

league, antique, tongue, unique, cheque, mosque, fatigue, plague, technique, vague


words with the ‘sh’ sound spelt ch

chef, chalet, machine, brochure, parachute, champagne, chute, moustache, quiche, crochet


words with the ‘k’ sound spelt ‘ch’

scheme, chorus, chemist, echo, character, ache, anchor, monarch, stomach, mechanic

Maths Homework

In Year 4 we focus on learning all of the times tables up to 12 x 12.

Class Blog

A message from Year 4

What is the Big Plastic Pledge? ‘We are a movement within sport that will grow into something un-stoppable when it comes to achieving our goals. As athletes and fans united, we are a group that are determined, passionate and driven by our nature, and will persist...

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Parent’s Evenings

Don’t forget appointment sheets are available every morning and home time with your child’s class teacher to sign up for parent’s evenings on Tuesday 1st & Wednesday 2nd October. We hope you will come along and speak to your child’s teacher about how they have...

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Year 4 Swimming

Swimming begins again on Friday 20th September for all Year 4 children. Please ensure school has your child’s completed SV5 form before then to allow them to take part. Thank you. Swimming Letter Sept. 19 SV5 Swimming Booklet

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Parent’s Evenings

We will be holding Parent’s Evenings on Tuesday 1st & Wednesday 2nd October, this is a chance to speak to your child’s new teacher and find out more about what they will be learning in school and how you can support them at home. Appointment sheets will be...

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Dates for the Diary

We will be holding Parent’s Evenings on Tuesday 1st & Wednesday 2nd October. Appointment sheets will be available from Monday 16th September.

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Super Splash Heroes

The Super Splash Heroes is an innovative, educational pantomime performance and interactive follow on workshop developed in partnership with Northumbrian Water. The aqua savvy Super Splash team have been spreading the message to ‘Get Water Wise’ far and wide, and now...

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