If you would like your child to access a range of activities to support their learning go on the following website and on the home page click on the ‘my class login’ button (red button at the top of the screen) and enter the relevant class name and class password as stated below.



Reception login:

Class name: SLReception

Password: Reception

Year 1 login:

Class name: Steadlaney1

Password: year1

Year 2 login:

Year 2

Class name- steadlaney2

Password- year2

Year 3 login:

Year 3

Class name- steadlaney3

Password- year3

Year 4 login:
Year 4

Class name- steadlaney4

Password- year4

Year 5 login:
Year 5

Class name- steadlaney5

Password- year5

Year 6 login:

Year 6

Class name- steadlaney6

Password- year6

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