Our Tuck Shop will begin again next Friday 14th September. Children in main school (except Reception, who will begin soon) have the chance to visit our Tuck Shop and buy items, each costing 20p. The items we will be offering each week will be different but items may include fruit juice, dried and fresh fruit, cereal bars, fruit bars, yoghurts, cheese etc; If your child would like to take part they must hand their money to a member of staff when they come into school on a Friday morning then they will be given one token for each 20p (maximum of 40p each for Years 1 & 2 and 60p each for Years 3 – 6), which they then take along to the tuck shop when it opens.  Unfortunately, as numbers vary every week, we may run out of stock. If this happens your child will be asked to save their token for use the following week or claim a refund. Thank you.

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