Some of our children have been in school every day this year, well done. They are:

Full Attendance 2018

       Kayla  Kilpatrick                  Owen Kilpatrick

       Ryan Warner                         Niamh Wilson

       Lucie Robinson                      Maisey Thompson

       Maisie Gibson                         Tom Davison

       Jayden Holmes                       Holly Dillon

       Millie Stokoe                           Johnathan Johnson

       Angel Cadwallender            Shay Proudlock

One of our pupils has been in school every day since he started in Reception – wow!:

Full Attendance 2011-2018

Johnathan Johnson

Each term children who have good attendance with no late marks in the register get entered into our draw. One lucky winner from each class wins a £10 Argos voucher and one overall winner wins a Kindle.

Good Attendance – Summer 2018

£10 Argos Voucher winners:

Sabri Unal

Jaxon Hay

Finlay Osman

Austin Thompson

Owen Kilpatrick

Dylan Hay

Mark Coyne

Kindle winner:

Charlie Cowell

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