Beat the Challenge winners:

(for good attendance with no lates, each winning a £10 Argos voucher)

Reception: Isabella Churchill

Year 1: Cassie Dacko

Year 2: Harry O’Brien

Year 3: Kieran Hemsley

Year 4: Harry Greatrex

Year 5: Caitlin McDonnell

Year 6: Ethan Alsop

Overall winner (winning a Kindle Fire): Taylor Brewis

Full Attendance Awards 2015-16:

Jayden Holmes

Jorja Williams

Angel Cadwallender

Owen Kilpatrick

Lucas Kingdon

Niamh Wilson

Arran Hewitt

Ebony Ryder-Lomas

Harry Greatrex

Johnathan Johnson

Aaron Scott

Taylor-Leigh Simpson

Leah Wilson

Taylor Brewis

Amber Ritchie

Joseph Williams

Sunflower Competition:

Thank you for all of your entries, the winner for the tallest sunflower grown is:

Grace Baldacchino-Nicholson

Well done to all of our award winners – have a lovely summer!

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