It’s Mrs Gray’s most favourite time of the year; it’s Science Week! To get us in the mood for a week filled with fabulous science we had the Science Boffins come in to give us an amazing assembly this morning, followed by some hands on workshops for us and finally ending on a riveting rocket launch!

Science Week will run from Monday 14th – Friday 18th March. Our exciting theme for the week is CSI: Crime Scene Investigation! Activities include blowing up our fingerprints, taking casts of our thumbs, breaking codes, working out which pen was used to write a note left behind at a crime scene, using our detective skills and looking at a crime scene!

On top of that we are doing an extra science activity in each class to give you the opportunity to come into school and work with your child. Please see the list below for the timings for each activity:


Day Time Year group and activity
Tuesday 9-10 Year 3 – making sparkly geodes
Tuesday 11-12 Year 4 – groovy lava lamps
Wednesday 10-11 Year 2 – what makes the biggest fizz?
Wednesday 2-3 Year 5 – protect the egg!
Thursday 9-10 Year 1 – bubbletastic fun!


Unfortunately year six are so super busy at this time of year that they won’t fit in a parent session within Science Week. Year six will have lots of fun activities later in the year.

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