The role of the Governors is very wide and covers all aspects of school life.  To enable us to manage all this effectively we all have different areas of interest/responsibility, so each governor will generally arrange monitoring visits or other activities to look into their area of responsibility and produce a report for the rest of the governors. Some areas, such as pupil progress and finances, are monitored by the whole group.


The main areas of responsibility are:

  • To share in the vision and ethos and strategic direction of the school
  • The safety, well-being and security of pupils
  • To monitor the effectiveness of the school and contribute to development plans.
  • To ensure each child makes good progress in all aspects of their education
  • To monitor the appraisal of staff and ensure staff are respected and given every opportunity to further their educational practice and career.
  • To monitor the finances of the school
  • To make sure the school premises are well managed, safe and secure and that the children enjoy a really good learning environment.
  • To agree all policies and monitor their implementation
  • To be involved in the employment of staff and monitor the implementation of current policies in relation to employment
  • To monitor the use of Pupil Premium money.


What have we done this year?

It has been a busy year, as usual! Nothing stays the same for long, and this year has been dominated by a new curriculum and a different method of assessment. We are fortunate at Stead Lane to have such forward thinking, hard working staff  because this year they have proved to be leaders in both areas, and the children certainly benefit. Governors have attended sessions to learn about these initiatives and are now in a position to monitor the progress children make more effectively.


This year we have introduced half-termly “learning walks” for all governors. These last about half a day and we look at a particular aspect of learning each time, for example we watch Maths and English lessons, look at pupil books, talk to pupils and generally monitor the progress of children.

We have special meetings to look at financial aspects and approve the budget, to review how well the school meets targets, as well as to be trained in safeguarding, the curriculum and assessment, to give just a few examples.


Individual governors have visited to look at

  • the safety and well-being of children,
  • Maths, English and other subject curriculum and planning,
  • the use of pupil premium money,
  • the school website, links with parents
  • the maintenance, safety and security of the school buildings and grounds
  • staff appraisal
  • employment of staff


This is in addition to our regular termly meetings and committee meetings.

We have three committees

The Curriculum

Staffing and Financial

Buildings and Premises

All governors try to attend all the committee meetings, because we have found this helps keep all governors properly informed and allows more discussion than we have time for at the termly formal meeting.


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