Some pupils of our school sadly lost their Grandads recently and the girls and their Mums have approached us to ask for support in raising money for the ‘Dreame Fund’ based at the Freeman Hospital, who helped the families during very difficult times.

‘The Dreame Fund supports world-class integrated critical care at Newcastle’s Freeman Hospital. The integrated critical care unit (ICCU) provides care for adult patients with conditions and severity of illness that prevents care in an ordinary ward. The majority of patients cared for on ICCU undergo major surgery for life-threatening conditions. Other patients cared for include those undergoing major head and neck surgery, bladder surgery and transplantation surgery. 

When a patient is admitted into intensive care there are stresses placed upon them, their relatives and friends that they may never have experienced before. The Dreame Fund is used to try and minimise such stresses through providing the more ‘holistic’ elements of patient care and generating a less threatening, more comfortable environment for relatives.

The funding also pays for staff education and training and sharing the unit’s work nationally and internationally allowing others to adopt our practices.’

School is holding a number of activities during the last week of term with all profit from these activities being donated to this charity. We hope you will all help where possible. Thank you.


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